Global Distributorship

Currently, we are receiving distributorship demand from candidates for this market. For the foreseeable future, we have a plan to put distributorship to market. But we may choose to change this strategy in the near future, Given this fact, currently we are looking for distributors.

A distributor candidate who will represent us must have the following characteristics: High accuracy, business experience, successful business history, ability to work well with given task, trading experience, current market knowledge and sufficient future capital.

If you want to complete the application, please contact us.

If we continue our development plans in this market, we will consider all candidates fairly and contact those who suit best for requirements we seek in a distributor field for the first stage of the selection process. Of course, the choice of a true distributor area is always at the discretion of Rulomatik.

Thank you for your interest in Rulomatik.

Rulomatik International Distributorship Contact